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The Bandwagon is Stuck in a Rut:

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It’s time to jump off and start thinking for ourselves.

 Dale Carpenter wrote an interesting article on about the possible bandwagon effect happening right now in America in regards to same-sex marriage. Odds are you have not heard such a viewpoint and, with our wonderfully left leaning media and the outright bias that they exude, you never will.

The article starts off by listing the small but widely reported and lauded victories that civil unions and same sex marriage have seen in April of this year. Here is an excerpt:

“The Vermont legislature overrides a governor’s veto to pass a gay-marriage bill. Same-sex marriages begin in Iowa, the state legislature and governor balk at banning it, and even state GOP leaders seem lackadaisical in opposition. The New Hampshire legislature approves a gay-marriage bill. The Maine Senate approves it. D.C. recognizes gay marriages from other states, with D.C.’s own recognition of such marriages up next.” (Read the rest of the article here).

It’s true that April saw civil unions and same-sex marriage gain support. But the troubling thought behind this article is the reason for this jump in support: the bandwagon effect.

We all know that the bandwagon effect is defined as voters being influenced in their opinions and how they vote based on their perception of which side of an issue seems to be “winning.” In other words, many people just want to play with the popular kids and will do anything to be on their team. And, as the article states,

“the message going out to the average voter on the fence is that this is the way the wind is blowing – anyone who’s not on board will be left behind.”

This cultural trend is indicative of both a society that still seeks ultimate approval from its peers and a lack of independent thought and conviction apart from what the media spoon feeds us. It’s disturbing. No longer do people search their own soul in order to establish deep rooted convictions that can’t be shaken by political winds or societal trends. Now we just listen to Oprah, Hollywood celebs and our musical idols for the “enlightened” path to freedom and equality for all.

The very idea that anyone would hop on the crazy train and adhere to a particular view of any issue simply because their neighbor, co-worker, or favorite reality star has the same view is absurd. Are we so lazy as a society that we have stopped thinking for ourselves and prefer to let others do our thinking for us and tell us exactly what we believe. Hmm, that sounds like a previously failed attempt at social control tried out in several European countries.

The old adage of either learning from history or being doomed to repeat it seems punctually relevant at this time. If there is one thing we can learn from historical Russia and Germany it’s that socialism will lead to communism. And if America is not careful we will find ourselves speeding straight down that road. And it starts by letting others tell us what we believe, or complacently allowing others to overrule our voice as a nation in favor of their minority views.

It’s long past time for us to remind our elected officials that their job is to represent us, not to simply forge ahead with their own agenda regardless of what we, the majority of Americans want. If the current political trend continues we could find ourselves without a voice at all. Stand up and be heard America, it’s your right.

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Written by Nathan Cherry

May 8, 2009 at 2:50 pm

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