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First comes love, than comes marriage, than comes….triads to the marriage debate?

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When proponents of marriage suggest that if you redefine marriage, government opens the door to well-nigh anything, we are often accused of hyperbolic speech, alarmists out of touch with reality.  According to a recent story, maybe we’re not as crazy as they think:

Maine this week became the fifth state, and the fourth in New England, to legalize gay marriage, provoking yet another national debate about same-sex unions. The Lessins advocacy group, the Maui-based World Polyamory Association, is pushing for the next frontier of less-traditional codified relationships. This community has even come up with a name for what the rest of the world generally would call a committed threesome: the “triad.”

Unlike open marriages and the swinger days of the 1960s and 1970s, these unions are not about sex with multiple outside partners. Nor are they relationships where one person is involved with two others, who are not involved with each other, a la actress Tilda Swinton. Thats closer to bigamy. Instead, triads—”triangular triads,” to use precise polyamorous jargon—demand that all three parties have full relationships, including sexual, with each other. In the Lessins case, that can be varying pairs but, as Sasha, a psychologist, puts it, “Janet loves it when she gets a double decker.” In a triad, there would be no doubt in Elizabeth Edwards’ mind whether her husband fathered a baby out of wedlock; she likely would have participated in it.

There are no statistics or studies out there, but according to Robyn Trask, the executive director of Loving More, a nonprofit organization in Loveland yes, really, Colorado, dedicated to poly-education and support, about 25 percent of the estimated 50,000 self-identified polyamorists in the U.S. live together in semi-wedded bliss. A disproportionate number of them are baby boomers. Paging Timothy Leary: Janet Lessin claims on her Web site that shes able to travel astrally.

via The Daily Beast.

While it may seem quite the leap to go from real marriage to poly-amorous “marriage” while passing through same-sex “marriage,” it shouldn’t.  Perhaps it’s our post-modern ideas really messing with our culture, but if government can redefine marriage to mean one thing AND its opposite, what is to stop the redefining process?  Is the love of poly-amorous couples any less than the love of same-sex couples?  Do they require any less equal protection under the laws?  Will their civil marriage be any different than my religious one?  

Policy should not be set for a culture simply to satiate the desires of adults.  Marriage is marriage for a reason.  It is the best institution we know of for the development of a family.  Families the best for nations.  Nations for worlds.  

Extreme caution should be used when tinkering at the foundation.


Written by Jeremy Dys

May 7, 2009 at 6:39 pm

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