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Mike Johnson: Family breakdown is cause for alarm

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Mike Johnson of the Alliance Defense Fund with a stern warning to…..ourselves.  He concludes:

The basic building block of every successful society in history has been the stable, two-parent family. Healthy marriages benefit everyone, and there is simply no replacement for a mom and a dad — because that’s how God designed it. It is no surprise that children blessed to be raised in these households do better in every measureable category of well-being, and usually become happier, more productive citizens.

What shall we do? The answers seem obvious: vigorously defend the institutions of traditional marriage and the family; encourage marriage strengthening initiatives and premarital education; and support innovative faith-based programs, and the often heroic, countercultural efforts of churches and pro-family organizations. Many more of us need to speak the truth in love.

The bottom line is that family stability eventually determines national prosperity and security. If we don’t reverse these current trends, all the government programs in the world will be unable to save our society. We’d better get busy.

via Family breakdown is cause for alarm | ShreveportTimes | The Times.


Written by Jeremy Dys

May 1, 2009 at 8:40 pm

Posted in Life, Marriage

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