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When Elected Officials Ignore the People

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Many people in America are appalled and outraged at the action of judges in recent years who have taken it upon themselves to make up the law and do as they please to suit their own political agenda. This current climate of judicial activism has left many people shrugging their shoulders and scratching their heads.


The latest legal debacle comes out of Iowa where the State Supreme Court made the decision on April 3 to allow same-sex marriage despite a majority opposition from residents. Without a vote and against the will of the majority of Iowans the state court usurped the people and made a decision that would affect the entire state.


One Governor hopeful, Bob Vander Plaats, is fighting back.


Vander Plaats has stirred up a controversy with his remarks at a rally, during which he said that if he had “the opportunity to serve as your next governor, and if no leadership has been taken to that point, on my first day of office I will issue an executive order that puts a stay on same-sex marriages until the people of Iowa vote…” And now his comments, reported in the Des Moines Register, have created mixed emotions among locals.


Elsewhere, New York City Governor David A. Paterson is planning to waste the tax-payers time and money by introducing legislation which would legalize same-sex marriage. Why is this a waste of time? Because such a bill does not even have strong support among the local lawmakers, much less the voting citizens. So instead of focusing on the things that really do matter to New Yorkers, Governor Paterson is adhering to his own agenda.


It seems to me that State Supreme Courts and judges and Governors have forgotten the most important aspect to their public office, the fact that they serve the people and not their own political agenda. Many of our public servants have ignored the fact that their primary function is to serve as the voice for the people they represent. That is what we claim to have after-all, a representative form of government. Who are they representing when they ignore the very people that elected them?


Instead, these career politicians have decided that it would be better to tell the people exactly what would be best for them and then push for that outcome regardless of whether the people like it or not.


Such an example of this insidious politicking came out of West Virginia just recently where, despite overwhelming support for a voter-approved marriage amendment to permanently define marriage as between one man and one woman, two state legislators took it upon themselves to ignore the voice of the people and dictate what would and would not be allowed to be voted on by the people. Consequently, the over 90% of West Virginians who believe in traditional marriage are being ignored by their own lawmakers and not being given the right to decide what is and is not law in their own state.


Our current political climate is nothing short of an out-of-control temper tantrum. Judges are subverting the Constitution in order to be “all-inclusive,” lawmakers are acting as if they are above the law while they decide what is and is not legal, and Washington is more interested in saving plants and animals than in preserving the morals and ideals that this country was founded upon.


I believe it is important now more than ever that we the people speak up and speak out about the principles that matter most to us. Consistently the polls show that the majority of Americans believe in traditional marriage, want abortion laws tightened and to see abortion made illegal, and want the freedom to worship and exercise their faith.


It is our responsibility to hold our lawmakers accountable for their decision. I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Vander Plaats when he said, “Who is to balance the courts? Who says that courts get the final say?”



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Written by Nathan Cherry

April 17, 2009 at 4:02 pm

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