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FL: More Former Lesbians Embroiled in Court Custody Battle.

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It’s a story that will begin sounding more familiar as our society and judicial system continues to steer away from moral absolutes and toward opinion based lifestyles and legislation.


The names Lisa Miller and her daughter Isabella and their custody battle are all-too familiar to us. Now you can add Kimberly Ryan to the list of names we will continue to follow in the news as she fights for her daughter.


Ryan, formerly a lesbian involved in a domestic partnership in Seattle Washington with a woman named Lara Embry, is now a born-again Christian engaged to marry a man. That’s where her court troubles began since previously she had an agreement with Embry for visitation of her 9-year old daughter after the couple split up in 2004.


When Ryan became concerned about her daughter’s visits with Embry she discontinued them. Embry then “demanded that a Florida court enforce the Washington adoption decree and allow her to continue visiting Ryan’s daughter,” according to the story on World Net Daily.


But one Florida court has already dismissed Embry’s petition, citing Statute 63.042, the states DOMA law, and other court precedent. Now Embry is taking her case to the Second District Court of Appeals in Florida.


Matt Staver, founder of the Liberty Counsel said, “The state should be allowed to abide by its current guidelines and consider the best interest of the child. Florida has the authority to establish its own policy regarding marriage and the definition of family. Florida protects its children by preferring they be placed in an optimal environment with a mom and a dad.”


And here is the point I want to make clear in this case and other such cases: individual states should always be allowed to make laws and then abide by those laws based on the will of that states people. If laws from any state can be enforced in any other state, what is the point in even having the law? This idea that the law from one state is enforceable in another state leans toward a socialistic government where sovereignty does not exist at all; which also means the will of the people does not exist.


Staver was right in saying, “The state of Washington cannot rewrite Florida adoption law and commandeer the state to enforce its contrary policy.”


This trend of judges overstepping their bounds to enforce out-of-state laws is nothing more than a hijacking of state sovereignty in favor of big government control. This is entirely against the Constitution which allows for states to hold to individual laws based on the voting will of its residents. It’s what makes each state and ultimately this country great


Stories such as those of Lisa Miller and Kimberly Ryan are destined to be more frequent in light of our nation’s current moral and political climate. We have attempted to remove all absolutes and the concrete foundation of family based on a father and mother from our society. Did we really think there would be no consequences?


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Written by Nathan Cherry

March 20, 2009 at 2:57 pm

2 Responses

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  1. That’s a pretty weak case – “We have attempted to remove all absolutes and the concrete foundation of family based on a father and mother from our society. Did we really think there would be no consequences?”
    Should it be the sole right of heterosexual couples to divorce? You speak as if the dissolution of a partnership is a brand new phenomenon experienced by “immoral” gays. We all know that is falacy. And from what moral foundation shall we draw our morality? As I recall from history, the founders of this country, with all of its “morality” were impregnating women slaves, systematically murdering native people, breaking treaties, destroying land and burning people at the stake because of their own superstitions. Or, should we draw from the morality of the priests that open the doors for subjugation of millions of people in the name of God, with a sword in one hand and a cross in the other. Oh, yes, let’s get started immitating them. After all, there are no consequences in that.

    Y R

    November 6, 2010 at 12:20 pm

  2. There have been no bad consequences. Lara Embry seems more suited as a parent than Kimberly Ryan, due to Ryan’s ridiculous belief that people can change their sexuality. Ryan is either a lesbian or bisexual person; either that, or she never was a lesbian and faked her enjoyment (doubtful). It is fact that people cannot choose who they are attracted to and thus cannot conciously choose their sexuality. It would be tragic if Kimberly Ryan was able to bring up her child and teach that child such immoral beliefs as: homosexuality is wrong, and homosexuality can be cured—any decent person knows these statements are incorrect, and teaching these immoral ideas to a child will not help society progress.

    Many homosexuals suffer bullying and are treated as second class citizens in most countries due to immoral, indecent beliefs like this.

    It’s a shame you are not advocating the idea that people should be treated decently. I’m appalled anyone could think otherwise. To not treat homosexual people as completely equal to heterosexual people, including in the eyes of the law (adoption, marriage etc), is indecent.

    It is fact that a child does not need a parental unit consisting of a male and a female in order to grow up to be decent and successful; it is fact due to all of the successful, decent people who were brought up by single parents. I’m one of those, and proof of this fact.


    March 15, 2011 at 11:22 am

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