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And So It Begins: The fight to repeal DOMA under the Obama administration has begun.

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I came across a story in the AP News detailing one of the first cases challenging the federal DOMA law that was enacted to deny access to federal benefits for same-sex couples.

No doubt that this is only the first of many lawsuits challenging this federal law that was signed into law in 1996 by then President Bill Clinton.

This lawsuit, brought by more than a dozen people from Massachusetts claims that the federal DOMA law discriminates against same-sex couples by denying them access to death benefits, pensions, health care, and tax breaks associated with marriage.

But let’s back up and get the facts straight before thinking that some vast majority of Americans is being discriminated against.

Right now 45 states have laws that define marriage as a union between one man and one woman. So far, every one of the 30 states that have sought to change their state constitutions to define marriage as one man and one woman have done so successfully. And even when activist judges in California tried usurp the will of the people and legislate from their benches, the people spoke and overturned their ruling which allowed same-sex marriage, and then amended their state constitution so that activist judges could not bypass them again.

So it should go without saying that we are talking about a minority group of people who would seek to legalize same-sex marriage and not the majority of Americans. In fact, I would even be so bold as to say that if an amendment to the Constitution of the United States was sought, defining marriage as one man and one woman, it would be easily passed. Which is why many current lawmakers do not want to see such an amendment brought to the people.

And though the current lawsuit in Massachusetts is only seeking to overturn the part of the DOMA law that denies them access to federal programs and benefits, you can be sure that if successful they will not stop there. They will seek to overturn DOMA, and legalize same-sex marriage in all 50 states; or in the very least require each state to recognize same-sex marriage whether it is legal or not in that state.

A lawsuit of this kind is a trojan horse just waiting to get inside the walls of marriage and bring every moral fiber this country has stood upon for centuries to the ground. We cannot allow ourselves to be fooled, or duped into believing that this is simply about money. This is about forcing every person to recognize the legitamacy and affirm the inherent goodness of same-sex marriage. And yet for many of us that goes against everything we stand for and believe.

Please continue to contact your state and federal lawmakers and voice your support for DOMA and other pro-family legislation. It is “we the people” that these lawmakers work for, and they need to hear from us.

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Written by Nathan Cherry

March 13, 2009 at 4:27 pm

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