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The Homosexual Truth No One Wants to Hear

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I am all for equality. But not if another person’s equality costs me my God-given freedoms. Freedoms like the ability to hold to differing views and opinions on social and cultural issues. Or the freedom to hire the people I choose without the fear of a lawsuit. Or the freedom to decline service to a person because it is my business and I have that right.


But the ugly truth is that the homosexual agenda is much more than marriage equality. If it was that simple I believe they would have their wish. But the truth is that the homosexual community wants immunity. They want the ability to say and do what they want without anyone telling them otherwise. And that is where their equality costs me my freedom; and I have a big problem with that.


Recently, Robert A.J. Gagnon, Ph. D., wrote an excellent article detailing the implications of the homosexual agenda for the “average Joe” American. (Click here to read the article in its entirety). I won’t duplicate the major content of the article here, I hope you will take a few moments and read it for yourself. The all-inclusive implications are astounding to think about and amount to a total brainwashing of independent moral thought.


I have listed, in short form some of the results that we would see should sexual orientation become a specially protected civil right.


1. Go to jail for “hate speech” Speaking out against the homosexual lifestyle could be punishable with jail time for everyone, including ministers.

2. Loss of job for non-support of “coming out” celebrations or even for any remarks that are deemed discriminatory outside of the workplace.

3. Pay fines and legal fees by your company for criticizing or otherwise not supporting homosexual behavior.

4. The removal of your children for teaching them any ideas deemed “homophobic.”

5. Endure, without recourse, the systematic indoctrination of homosexual appreciation of your children in the public school system.


And these are just a few of the catastrophic consequences of protecting sexual orientation as a civil right. More are mentioned in the article. But, quite frankly, these are disturbing enough.


Perhaps the thing that I wish more homosexuals would realize is that most anyone can overlook their sexual orientation decision. Few, if any will be quick to hate or judge because of that. But the reason many are so staunchly opposed to the homosexual agenda is that they want everyone around them to cheerfully accept their choice and affirm it. But that is not what tolerance and free speech are all about.


If we want to truly call ourselves a nation based on free speech and tolerance then everyone must understand that none of us has the right to demand that others agree with our ideals and views; to do so amounts to communism. It removes the free exchange of ideals, open communication, and instills fear into the hearts of people. When did those things become good ideas?


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Written by Nathan Cherry

March 4, 2009 at 7:12 pm

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