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Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes…No, Make Them Green

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Designer kids have arrived.

 Do you want to know the ultimate pinnacle of ungrateful, thankless consumerism taking place right now? It’s this, being able to go to a doctor and have him genetically alter the genes in early embryos so that the child has the desired eye color and hair color selected by the parents.


Sure this sounds like some sort of Sci-fi channel original movie of the week. But the sad and potentially dangerous reality is that such advancements in medical technology have arrived and are starting to be implemented.


In a story found on the Alliance Defense Fund website, from a BBC News outlet, the LA Fertility Institutes are expecting a “trait selected” baby to be born within a year. This process is accomplished by harvesting several eggs from a would be mother and selecting the one that has the desired traits, such as hair color and eye color, while discarding the rest.


The technology was originally developed in order to help parents with a history of genetic disease in the family avoid passing the diseases to their children. This of course does sound noble on its surface. But, when examined deeper it seems evident that such technology is a slippery slope which has led to designer babies.


So here we are in 2009, now able to genetically select the sex, eye color, hair color and who knows what else of our children. What’s next? Will we decide to put male genitals on a feminine looking person? Maybe we will choose to add both reproductive organs to the child so that he can later choose which sex he/she wants to be?


This is as Josephine Quintavalle of Comment on Reproductive Ethics said: “a slippery slope of a fertility process which results in many more embryos being created than can be implanted. Choices will always have to be made. Do you choose octuplets or the ones with the prettiest noses?”

And what happens if the child does not come out as planned? Do the parents reject the child? Place it up for adoption? Perhaps sue the clinic that failed to deliver the perfectly tailored child it promised. Is it just me or does this seems to be more than just a slippery slope; it seems more like an all out free fall that coincides with an already consumer addicted society.


Perhaps we should all talk with those parents who are unable to conceive and have children to see if we don’t end up feeling like a spoiled child stamping our foot and demanding our own way; or in this case our perfectly tailored child.
If society didn’t have such a God complex, wanting to control everything from the climate to the eye color of their children we would not be in the mess we are in. We have denied that God exists while doing everything in our power to take over the things He does with a simple thought. We have told God to get lost while we play Him in some sort of demented melodrama. Perhaps one day we will wake up and realize that we should have just let God do His job after all. 



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Written by Nathan Cherry

March 3, 2009 at 12:07 am

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