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Stand4Marriage Sunday a Success

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Were you a part of the thousands of West Virginians participating in Stand4Marriage Sunday yesterday?

If you were, we hope you left the church feeling commissioned to defend the definition of God’s design.  You may be wondering what to do from here.  Let us suggest that you “Take 4”:  


(To play the video, click on the player or view it at

1.      Pray – Take 4 minutes a day to pray for marriages in West Virginia.

2.      Give – Take $4 and give it to the ongoing efforts to defend marriage in West Virginia.  (Federal law does not permit us to offer a tax deduction for these gifts to the WV4Marriage project.)

3.      Write – Take (or send) a letter to 4 legislators to express your position and share your encouragement.

4.      Talk – Take 4 friends or family members to so they can “Take 4” with you.

Opponents of marriage have launched their chaotic strategy to redefine marriage in West Virginia.  Part of their strategy is to intimidate and misinform legislators.  Unfortunately, it seems to be working.

We are asking you to call your state senator or delegate, send them an email, or write them a letter graciously, but with conviction, asking them to let you vote on a marriage protection amendment this year.  Go to to find the contact information for your state legislator.

In the coming days, we will be releasing more information about this campaign, including videos and news updates.  We encourage you to forward these emails to your friends and family in West Virginia.

Start by challenging them to “Take 4” too.  Start by emailing them this video, posting it to your facebook wall, myspace account, blog, or website.

One man.  One woman.  That’s marriage.

P.S.  Stand4Marriage Sunday was a great opportunity to hear the definition of marriage and to be made aware of the opportunity to stand for marriage in your community.  Begin your stand with “Take 4.”


Written by Jeremy Dys

March 2, 2009 at 6:05 pm

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