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N.O. Means No

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The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  With a renewed push for a “nondiscrimination ordinance (NO),” I fear our legislators may be slouching toward insanity.

For years, a legislator – in the name of being “progressive” – has introduced a bill that would make one’s “sexual orientation” a human right.  Every year, it has failed.  And yet, they are trying the same thing again (S.B. 238, H.B. 2454), expecting a different result.

NO’s attempt to do an end-run around the social and moral convictions of West Virginians.  They are the Trojan Horse of tolerance, undermining the meaning of the family by avoiding the marketplace of ideas.

But, let us assume that this year’s attempt has a different result.  Here is what the families, charities, and businesses of WV can expect: 

First, you can lose your job for what you say at home. In British Columbia, such a law cost a member of the Knights of Columbus his job at Costco because he disallowed a same-sex couple to use the Catholic Charity’s hall to have a civil commitment ceremony.

In Maryland, it was responsible for the termination of a Roman Catholic, transportation employee who – outside of the workplace and on his own time – expressed his religious belief that homosexual behavior was a “deviancy.”  Then Governor Ehrlich would not tolerate such belief.  He explained that the exclusion of the employee and his opportunity to work was in the name of a, “commitment to inclusiveness, tolerance, and opportunity.”

Second, West Virginia parachurch charities will be labeled as “intolerant” for the sin of providing a church-related public service.  That is precisely what happened when Massachusetts used such a law to force Boston Catholic Charities to either cease their efforts in placing needy children in loving, adoptive homes or change Catholic theology.  Left with little choice, they chose the former.

It happened at Seton Medical Center when that Catholic hospital was sued for refusing to perform a sex change on a self-identified transsexual, in contradiction of California law.

Then you have the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association. When that Methodist camp refused to allow a civil union ceremony to occur on the ministry-owned property, a NO was used in an attempt to force compliance over conviction. 

Third, any “exemption” for religious belief means nothing.  Usually, legislators attempt to appease the concerns of the religious community by including an exemption for religious activity.  No such exemption has protected Catholic charities, Methodist ministries, or Baptist laborers. 

Fourth, small businesses will comply or be the targets of politically charged lawsuits.  Just ask Elaine Huguenin who, just barely out of college and trying to help support her young family, declined the business of a same-sex couple only to find her small business subject to a complaint filed before the New Mexico Human Rights Commission, which then ordered her to pay nearly $7,000 in attorneys fees to the couple.

Fifth, unaccountable courts will use it to redefine marriage.  Is it really that big a leap to go from defining one’s self-identified sexual orientation as a human right to demanding that the commonsense definition of marriage be re-written?

Finally, watch for absurd results.  The new law would allow men pretending to be women at health clubs access to the women’s locker room.  It could not prevent the gender-confused man from using the women’s restroom at state rest areas or local fast food restaurants.  And, it may not even tolerate an employee reading his Bible to himself in the company break room.  That could be perceived as discrimination.

Political special interests are trying to drive faith underground, seeking to cordon off churches and church ministries from the rest of society with a re-tooled Berlin wall.  In attempting to end discrimination, they discriminate and cost businesses time and money, lessen the societal benefit of religious charities, and frighten families.

Help the legislators keep their sanity.  Tell them that NO’s mean “no.”

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Food for further thought:

Business Discrimination


Written by Jeremy Dys

February 26, 2009 at 5:17 pm

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