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Boys Will Be…Girls?

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 A recent story on the website, and picked up by the Alliance Defense Fund, has to be one of the most shocking and disturbing things I’ve read, this week. This story begins with the title “Suppressing puberty with a view to sex-change surgery,” and gets no better from there. 


It is reported that children as young as 11 years of age are being  given drugs for the purpose of suppressing puberty until they are old enough for sexual reassignment surgery (SRS). If your mouth has not hit the floor yet you may want to check to see if you heart is beating.


The very idea that this would be allowed by any medical facility or government is beyond belief. But even more staggering is the fact that any parent in their right mind would consider such ludicrous behavior.


There is a reason persons under age 16 are not allowed to drive. There is a reason persons under 18 are not allowed to vote, buy a gun, get married, and do many other things. The reason is simply that they are not developed both emotionally and mentally to be able to handle certain activities. And yet parents and doctors feel that these kids are in a proper capacity to make such a life altering decision? Pitiful.


The article makes reference to these kids being able to “live their fantasy,” and therefore the treatment is a good thing and very helpful. But let’s be clear, there is a difference between fantasy and reality. I fantasize about being an NFL quarterback, but at 5 foot 8 and 145 lbs I have a feeling that there is not much hope for my fantasy. That doesn’t mean I go out and tinker with my body’s biology in order to achieve my fantasy.


Luckily there are some sane voices in this mess. One Dutch therapist noted that “the scalpel should not be used to reconcile fantasy with reality.”


Dr. Paul McHugh encouraged Johns Hopkins University to stop performing these operations, and said, “We don’t do liposuction of anorexics. So why amputate the genitals of these patients.”


Zucker and Bradley, two experts in treating child identity problems said, “Seeking sex reassignment surgery is a defensive solution and a mechanism for control of anxiety.”


Even Dr. Burou, who has personally performed over 700 reassignment surgeries said, “I don’t change men into women. I transform male genitals into genitals that have a female aspect. All the rest is in the patient’s mind.”


We all know that adolescents are going through a tumultuous time. Their bodies are changing. Their hormones are raging. Is that really a time to allow them to make such an important and potentially harmful decision? Consider:

Starting treatment at age 11 presents many problems. Is a child of that age able to give truly informed consent to the risks involved in numerous surgeries required, to the burden of life-long hormone treatments needed to sustain the illusion of the other sex, and to the permanent loss of the ability to have children? Those who have undergone these procedures often hide the fact that their birth sex is different from the one they are currently presenting from friends, employers, sexual partners, and even potential marital partners. They demand that birth certificates and other documents be changed and that they be allowed to marry a person of the same sex.”

This is, in all reality, child endangerment and abuse in every way. Parents are allowing their kids to undergo surgical procedures that they don’t even have the mental capacity to understand. While they should, instead, be seeking psychiatric help for the underlying cause of the desire to be the opposite sex. Any parent who thinks that sex reassignment surgery is “in the best interest” of their child is not fit to be a parent.

But make no mistake about it. The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender community will continue to push for more allowances just like this. The article reported:

“Exploiting the gains made by gay activists, “trans” activists are pushing to have “gender identity” added to anti-discrimination legislation and want to make “transphobia” (the supposed irrational fear of persons presenting as the other sex) the equivalent of racism. It has become routine to link “Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans (gender or sexual) and Queer — GLBTQ or LGBTQ — together as sexual minorities who have a right to special treatment.”

They are not concerned for the long-term health and well-being of children. They are only concerned with their immediate and temporary gratification. But they ought to be ashamed of themselves for pushing innocent and many times confused children down a potentially life-altering and destructive path.


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Written by Nathan Cherry

February 11, 2009 at 8:55 pm

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