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Botched Abortion Results in Murder:

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I read one of the most sickening stories last week about the murder of a new-born child. If you think that I am talking about some deranged teen in a bathroom or strung-out single mom in an alley, you would be shockingly wrong. This is an account that, for all intents and purposes could be typical in a United States abortion clinic.


The story, found on the Drudge website and World Net Daily website, details the account of 18 year old Sycloria Williams. Williams went to a Miami abortion clinic to end the life of her 23 week old daughter. But when the doctor did not show up in time, Williams gave birth to a living, breathing baby girl, who she later named Shanice.


Williams watched in shock as the owner of the clinic, who does not have a medical license, rushed in, cut the umbilical cord – but did not clamp it off so as to allow the baby girl to bleed to death – and stuffed the breathing, crying child into a biohazard bag to bleed and suffocate to death.


Is this what America has come to? Are we a nation that willingly allows people to murder helpless children as we turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the screams of the victims as they are stuffed into bags to suffocate? If this were an elderly woman in a nursing home the nation would scream in outrage and demand prison time for all participants. But to my embarrassment and shame as an American, the legal murder of children – or abortion for the politically correct crowd – is tolerated.


Such measures as the Born Alive Infant Protection Act (BAIPA) become all the more urgent in light of matters such as these. This measure would ensure that any child who is “accidentally” born alive in spite of an attempt to abort would be given all the lifesaving medical care that any other person deserves.


But the problem is that our new President, as a Senator in Illinois, voted repeatedly against this bill. This does not give us much hope that he will not veto such a bill should it pass legislation in Congress.


So where does this leave us? Repeatedly a majority of Americans have said that they do not support current abortion laws, and believe, in the very least that abortion should be limited to emergency cases. And about 3 out of 4 Americans believe that we should not be funding overseas abortions. (Click here for the recent USA Today/Gallup poll detailing this information)


This is an issue that crosses political, religious, and cultural lines. This has nothing to do with black, white, protestant or Muslim. This has to do with the belief that life is sacred and killing innocent children is barbaric at best. Pastors decry it. The Pope condemns it. Republicans Democrats and Independents stand shoulder to shoulder against it. But our government doesn’t seem to take the hint.


Could it be that abortion is multi-million dollar industry where profit margins mean more than human lives? Could it be that our lawmakers are more interested in the backing of special interest groups for re-election bids than in preserving our future? Where does it stop? Assisted suicide? Euthanasia? The murder of the handicapped because they are not “viable” to society? God help us.

Further Food for Thought:


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Written by Nathan Cherry

February 9, 2009 at 5:58 pm

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