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Traditional Marriage, Family Still Held Dearly

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Recent poll, study concludes that Americans are better off with traditional marriage and family.  


 A new poll released by the Angus Reid Global Monitor is saying the exact opposite of what the news media and talking heads in Washington are saying on the issue of same-sex marriage.


What we see and hear in the news is lawmakers fiercely pushing for more “equality” and ultimately for legalized same-sex marriage in all 50 states; regardless of existing state constitutional laws banning same-sex marriage. And everyone from the news media to Hollywood celebrities would have everyone believe that this is what America wants and if not for the few bigoted, narrow-minded conservatives standing in the way, America would already have legalized same-sex marriage.


But is that what the facts are telling us?


The above mentioned poll tells quite a different story. It says that in June of 2008 53% of Americans did not favor legalized same-sex marriage. And as recent as December of 2008 55% of Americans were not in favor. But I bet you didn’t read that in the Sunday paper. (I wonder if the increase in opposition is due to the outlandish and criminal behavior of homosexuals in California in the wake of the Proposition 8 passage.)


And not so coincidentally this poll stands in agreement with a newly released study from The Journal of Communication and Religion. This study confirms what most Americans in general have always believed:


“Relationships with both parents are great for kids and put them on a path to success. In other words, girls need their dad and boys need their mom.”


Now,  let’s recap what we have learned here. A majority of Americans do not agree with legalizing same-sex marriage and to coincide with that belief is the fact that kids growing up with both parents lead a more well-rounded life leading toward success.


 So if this is what the polls and studies are saying, why is it that we are still seeing a push away from the traditional definition of marriage and family? Why would the media feed us biased political rhetoric seemingly seeking to indoctrinate the masses?


One possible answer is that, there is a liberal movement toward total and complete relativism. The proponents of this movement want truth to be something decided by each individual, with no absolutes existing beyond a persons own opinion. So, in light of such a school of thought, to say that same-sex marriage is wrong, or that households with both parents is best for children is the very definition of an absolute. And, in the eyes of the “free thinking” movement toward relativism absolutes are the enemy.



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2 Responses

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  1. […] Traditional Marriage, Family Still Held Dearly […]

  2. of course they’re going to say that silly. it’s the ” The Journal of Communication and Religion” – it’s like Oprah, live on Oprah, saying “My show is great!”


    January 13, 2009 at 11:11 am

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