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From Bailout to a “Harmless Pastime?”

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Jesse’s post immediately below would make me laugh if I were not so disgusted by the porn industry.

Thankfully, we do have something to smile about.  Mark Kastlemen has written an interesting piece today entitled, “Is Internet Porn Just a Harmless Pastime?”  The obvious answer is “no,” but I commend your reading of Kastleman’s thought challenging piece.  Here’s a few excerpts:

Such attitudes couldn’t be further from the truth. Pornography claims its victims without regard to age, gender, race or religion. No one is immune; all are at risk. In its insidious wake lie the tractable innocent and the eager participant alike, side by side. With the unlimited distribution potential and capability of the Internet, pornography’s casualty list grows longer with each passing day.

. . . 


Silent alarms are going off all around us as a result of the effects of pornography—on us, on our children, and on society as a whole. But few are responding to these alarms. Why? Because too many are allowing their attention to be diverted by the much louder alarms being set off by the pornographers themselves.

“Censorship!” “First Amendment Rights!” “Freedom!” scream these “wolves in sheep’s clothing,” all the while quietly collecting their enormous profits. Pornographers deliberately trigger these alarms just like the bank robber who sends a decoy to rob the teller while he empties the main vault and waltzes out the back door!

The tragedy is that while much of America is buying into and being distracted by these alleged “assaults” on our constitutional rights, the pornographers are robbing millions of their freedom by addicting them to porn. Along the way they are stealing the most precious treasure we have: the future legacy of goodness and decency that we want our children and grandchildren to enjoy.

The waves of pornography pouring freely from the Internet have developed into destructive shockwaves. Their aftershock rumblings will wreak havoc at a level and intensity of destruction never before experienced in the history of mankind.

. . . 

With all of my pontificating about the true motives of pornographers and the victims in their wake, let me be clear about my motives. I am not attempting to chastise or create more shame if you struggle with pornography, nor do I want to resurrect painful memories if you are a victim, rather I want to raise your level of awareness and commitment to protecting your family and all those you care about from this awful epidemic. And most especially, if you or someone you care about is currently caught in the trap of pornography addiction, there is a way out. Taking the first steps onto the path of freedom is as simple as visiting the Candeo recovery training website at:  


Be sure to read the rest of this informative article.  I would guess that it will challenge you at least once.  Are you up for the challenge?

I will end with strongly encouraging you to visit  If you, or someone you love, is caught in a life of addiction to internet pornography, Candeo can help you break free.

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Written by Jeremy Dys

January 8, 2009 at 7:20 pm

Posted in Marriage

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