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Does the Bible Support Same-Sex Marriage, Part 3

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Just today I came across an extensive response to Lisa Miller’s previous Newsweek article, A Religious Case for Gay Marriage.  The following post, Fallacies in Biblical Interpretation: Newsweek’s Defense of Gay Marriage, is from the blog Religious Researcher.  The Religious Researcher is the blog for the non-profit Institute for Religious Research.

This post is not a point-by-point rebuttal to Ms. Miller’s article, but rather serves as a general response to “common fallacies in Biblical interpretation and theological argumentation that crop up constantly in the debate over same-sex unions and that the article [by Lisa Miller] exemplifies.”

For those of you who’s appetites are whetted by this post and are desirous for more, then I recommend you read All that Heaven Allows – Homosexuality and the Meaning of Love by Robert Bowman Jr.  This is an extensive, thorough, and well-cited treatise on the topic.  

What I appreciate most about this piece is the fact that Robert not only communicates truthfully, but he does so gracefully.  As Jeremy Dys – the President and General Counsel of The Family Policy Council of West Virginia – would say, Robert’s message is “truth tempered by grace.” 

Robert exemplifies such a fine balance of truth and grace in his introductory remarks: 

No other issue seems to provoke stronger feelings in people than this one.

A great deal of hate, in fact, seems to surface whenever this subject is discussed. Some people, including some people who profess to follow Christ, clearly hate homosexuals. They are not only the object of occasional acts of violence motivated by hate, but are often reviled by people who simply loathe them. In turn, some homosexuals just as clearly hate anyone, especially conservative Christians, who question or criticize their lifestyle. Christian churches and individuals have in recent years become the targets of harassment by militant homosexuals who go out of their way to offend and intimidate people whom they perceive — rightly or wrongly — as hating them. Indeed, homosexuals who favor a more brazenly alternative lifestyle are sometimes hostile toward homosexuals who seek a more “mainstream” fit into the general culture.

One of the favorite slogans of the homosexual rights movement and of those sympathetic to them is “Hate is not a family value.” It is not a Christian value, either. In this chapter we have no desire to add fuel to the fire of anyone’s hatred of homosexuals. The goal of thinking about this and any other ethical issue is not to give “us” ammunition against “them,” but to understand our own moral responsibilities first of all and then enable us to stand up for our convictions and honestly “speak the truth in love” (Eph. 4:15) to anyone who will listen. 

All of us would do well to heed his admonishing words.

For another extensive response to Lisa Miller’s article, I encourage to you to read Robert Gagnon’s piece, More than Mutual Joy: Lisa Miller of Newsweek against Scripture and Jesus.  Dr. Gagnon’s essay deals with three primary components:

A discussion of Scripture apart from the witness of Jesus; a discussion of Jesus’s witness; and concluding thoughts, which takes in also Meacham’s (Editor of Newsweek) “Editor’s Desk” column.

Both of these articles take more than a cursory glancing to read.  This last two references are fairly extensive and require our time and mental effort.  As our readers, you would do well to read all of these pieces to equip you with a defense to such arguments as promoted by Lisa Miller, but to know our own responsibility to the One true and living God.  

Further Food for Thought:

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Written by Jesse Wisnewski

December 22, 2008 at 5:44 pm

Posted in Marriage

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  1. […] Does the Bible Support Same-Sex Marriage, Part 3 […]

  2. […] Does the Bible Support Same-Sex Marriage, Part 3 […]

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