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Traditional Marriage Transcends Lines

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Traditional Marriage Transcends Lines: People of all ages, nationalities, and economic levels helped pass Proposition 8.

By Nathan A. Cherry


A recent article in the Associated Press carries the commentary that the fight to pass Proposition 8 in California was driven by religion. That is not such a surprise after the latest articles and news stories out of California attacking both the Catholic and Mormon Church for their role in the November ballot victory to outlaw same-sex marriage. Click here to read an LA Times article about persecution against the Mormon Church.


What is interesting are the results a new poll has found that breaks down where the majority of support came for Proposition 8. The poll shows that over 60% of people calling themselves practicing Christians voted in favor of the measure. As well, 69% of voters who did not attend college, 63% of voters earning less than $40,000 a year and 56% of voters over the age of 55 also voted in favor of Proposition 8. (Click here to view the poll)


So what I come away from this poll learning is that a strong majority of practicing Christians, a very large majority of middle-class blue collar Americans, and a majority of those moving closer to senior status all voted in favor of Proposition 8. Now, in case you are not following me here, replicate that in just about every state of the union. What you will find with near identical results is that most every practicing Christian, most all of the hard working middle-class, and a majority of those in their “golden years” are in favor of traditional marriage.


The bottom line is that if a poll was done across America it would soon be discovered that a majority of Americans in general are opposed to gay marriage. That is not a popular sentiment in the liberal media or the politically correct circles of high society. But for many of us down home Americans it is the truth.


I believe that part of the reason we have not seen legislation on a national level for a constitutional amendment regarding same-sex marriage is because political analysts know the truth. They know that such an amendment would once and for all kill same-sex marriage in America because there is just not a majority in America that will support it.


For whatever it might be worth even those who voted for President-Elect. Obama voted to support Proposition 8, and Mr. Obama has said publicly that he does not support same-sex marriage; though his true feelings and loyalties will surely be tested very soon.


The AP article goes on to say,


“The results mirror previous PPIC polls from the last three years, suggesting that the $73 million spent for and against the measure did not do much to change the public attitudes on allowing gay couples to wed…”


Did you hear that Hollywood? Did you hear that Washington? Do you understand that Americans are thinking for themselves based on their lifelong beliefs and closely held convictions and not allowing a liberally biased media and out of touch actors to influence them!


Survey director Mark Baldassare made this clear for anyone who was in doubt:


“At no point in time, before or after the election, did we have a majority of Californians saying they supported gay marriage.”


And in a related article on the Citizenlink website, Jenny Tyree, marriage analyst for Focus on the Family Action said,


“It should not be overlooked that marriage amendments have passed in 30 states with the support of voters from all walks of life. Most people are not persuaded that redefining marriage is in the best interest of children and families.”


No, it’s not just those who are clinging to their guns and religion. It is the elderly, the ethnic, the young, wealthy, the hard-working middle-class, and everyone in between. Why? Simply because it is an idea that goes against the long held beliefs of the majority of Americans. It goes against how we were raised. It goes against our convictions. It goes against our religious beliefs.


Over half the states in the United States have passed marriage amendments, and I am hoping to see my home state of West Virginia join that list very soon. Polls and research indicate that a majority of West Virginians not only believe in traditional marriage, but also want the chance to define marriage in their state without the courts, according to President and general council for thw Family Policy Council of West Virginia, Jeremy Dys:


“West Virginians want to define marriage for themselves. They do not want government setting a policy, or a court imposing a system that knowingly deprives children of a mom and a dad.”


  Click here to see what the Family Policy Council of West Virginia is currently doing to encourage state legislators to allow the people of West Virginia to define marriage for themselves.


The bottom line is that the majority of Americans do not support same-sex marriage for one reason or another. Is it really in the best interest of the country to grant a protection to a minority group against the wishes of the majority population? It seems to me that doing so would cause great stress and tension between the two groups. Possibly even a disdain and bitterly held grudge that previously did not exist.


Americans should not be forced to accept what they do not support. They should be allowed to vote for themselves and then all parties should respect the outcome. Unfortunately homosexuals in California are refusing to do that. But I hope they will see that their own hate and harassment towards Proposition 8 advocates and supporters is the very behavior that they have so long sought freedom from. It’s a sad irony if you ask me.



Further Food for Thought: Click here for another article relating to persecution against a church for their backing of Proposition 8.

Click here for a poll by the Family Policy Council of West Virginia that shows how West Virginians want to define marriage for themselves.

Click here for the coverage of the push for a marriage amendment in West Virginia



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Written by Nathan Cherry

December 5, 2008 at 3:10 pm

3 Responses

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  1. Have you seen this Demographic Winter video? I saw it over on Kingfisher Column, the decline of the family has huge economic impact. This thing is chilling.


    December 6, 2008 at 11:47 am

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