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Living in an Age of (In)Tolerance, Pt. 4

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The mask of tolerance continues to be pulled back.  After a full and fair election, those wishing to redefine marriage and the family are exposing their true colors.

Last week, a small group of Christians gathered in the predominantly homosexual Castro District of San Francisco.  Their mission was simply to pray and sing worship songs in public.  They were quickly swarmed by a mob of hundreds.  According to one report, the men in the group were groped, had unknown objects stuck down their backside, and the female participants had boiling hot coffee poured over their heads.  One woman even had her Bible ripped from her hands and then returned with a solid whack across the head with it.  When she fell, she was then kicked and beaten by the angry mob.  Police in riot gear eventually had to escort the group from the area.

More information can be found at  

The escort by the police out of the area was captured on film.  The youtube video of that is included below.  WARNING:  contains vulgar and threatening language.

A young woman’s testimony on the event can be viewed here.


Written by Jeremy Dys

November 24, 2008 at 2:42 pm

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