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The People Have Spoken

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Guest commentary by Nathan A. Cherry.

One of the most historic elections in our nation’s history just took place. More people of more ethnic persuasions participated in this unprecedented election. But this election also showed many Americans just how divided we are on certain social issues. And at the top of that list is the issue of same-sex marriage. Three important ballot measures were held which would, if passed, solidify the definition of marriage as between one man and one woman in the state constitutions of Arizona, Florida, and California. So all eyes watched and all ears listened as the people of these states let their voice be heard. And when it was all said and done the people, not the courts, have decided that traditional marriage is still a highly honored, sacred union.

            By state:           

  •      Florida – Over 60% voted to amend their state constitution.
  •      Arizona – 57% voted after barely rejecting a marriage amendment in 2006.
  •      California – 52% voted to change the earlier ruling of an activist court and return the power to the people.

How important is this victory in the eyes of traditional marriage proponents? It is a victory that will resound across the nation for years to come, perhaps even exciting other states to take similar measures. But most importantly it sends a message to activist judges and courts that the American people will not be bullied into accepting those things which we decidedly reject. In his article for beliefnet, Rod Dreher summarizes the impact of these votes:

This is important as a matter of law because it binds the State Supreme Court, which doesn’t have the authority to declare the constitution itself unconstitutional…But by appealing to the courts to impose something as radical as same-sex marriage, something that has never in the history of human society existed, they invited this backlash. Now, traditional marriage has been constitutionalized, and same-sex couples are worse off than before, because the only way they can get marriage now is by amending the state constitution. It was a foolish strategy…

Dreher goes on to say that the most important result of these ballot initiatives is the result which “shows the strategic risk of trying to carry out a social revolution via the courts, without consulting the people.”

Indeed I hope this is a clear message to every court across this land that America is still a land of the people, and for the people. Politicians are elected, by the people, for the people, and it is the will of the people that ought to be the determining factor on issues social, religious, economic, and otherwise, not a few judges and big-mouthed politicians who like to think they own us all.               

And I sincerely hope that San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom will read this and wake up. Mr. Newsom arrogantly declared that same-sex marriage was going to happen whether anyone liked it or not. Obviously a majority of Californians did not like the idea of same-sex marriage, and did not like the arrogance of politicians and judges who believe they can do what they want without accountability.

This sentiment was echoed in Florida by Liberty Counsel’s Matt Staver, “This is a victory for children and for the future of Florida. Amendment 2 will prevent activist judges from redefining marriage by the stroke of a pen.”

What is fascinating about the passing of Amendment 2 in Florida is that many who voted for Sen. Obama, a man who supports the redefining of the family, voted to support traditional marriage. Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins commented on the FRC website today, “In Florida, where conservatives faced the steepest climb, voters surpassed the 60% majority they needed, crossing every racial, age, party, and religious line in the process… many of them drawn to the polls by a man who supports a redefinition of the family, raised their flags high in support of traditional marriage.” Let’s hope President-Elect Obama is paying attention to facts like these as he sets out to begin his Presidency.

Here is how we can summarize the events of the last few days:

  •      The courts and judges of the United States are servants of the people, for the people. They are not to usurp the will of the people and make legislation from their benches without the consent of the people.
  •      The union of one man and one woman in marriage is a time-honored tradition that the majority of Americans still believe in. And just because a few liberal judges and activist politicians seek to make a name for themselves or cater to lobbyists, it is still the will of the people that rules in this land.
  •      Now is the time for the 20 states that do not have state constitutional amendments protecting marriage between one man and one woman to follow the examples of Florida, Arizona, and California by urging their state government to do so. (This includes my home state of West Virginia).
  •      Now is the time for people of all ages, nationalities, religious persuasion, and party affiliations to unite and take a stand for the values of life, marriage, and family that once made this country great.

Let us join together in prayer for our new President. He will step into a country divided over many issues, and yet united over many issues. Let us pray for wisdom for him as he seeks to lead us into an uncertain future. And remember, “The King’s heart is in the hand of the Lord.” (Prov. 21:1)

Nathan A. Cherry holds a Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies from Trinity Theological Seminary.  Nathan provides leadership in discipleship, culturally relevant teaching, and outreach as Associate of Ministry at Central Chapel in Hedgesville, West Virginia.

Written by Jeremy Dys

November 6, 2008 at 2:33 pm

5 Responses

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  1. It is amazing to see how gay activists think so little of democracy and the will of the people. They claim they want tolerance and freedom, but they are quite willing to deny it to anyone who disagrees with them. Well, now they have gotten their just desserts.

    I hope that this goes to the federal level and the U.S. Congress makes a similar amendment to the U.S. Constitutional itself.


    November 6, 2008 at 4:21 pm

  2. […] The People Have Spoken […]

  3. Maddog,

    The will of the people is not infallible. They have been wrong in the past and they are wrong now. People used to think that women and black americans were not worthy of voting or that slavery was acceptable or that segregation was allowable.

    It’s not about gay activism. I am gay. Always have been. I’ve never been a victim of sexual molestation. I come from a loving household. I turned out relatively well-balanced. I dated a woman when I was 19 in an attempt to change my sexual orientation. When the topic of sex came up, to be frank, I could not perform. Sexual attraction is a physiological response. Say what you will, but I am not and will never be attracted to women. It doesn’t work.

    Regarding the voice of people: Do you honestly think that if the Civil Rights Act in the 60s was put for a vote that it would have passed? Looking back, an overwhelming majority of Americans would agree that discrimination based on race is wrong. The parallel between gay rights and desegregation is that they are based on human traits that can’t be changed. You people can say it’s not a choice until you’re blue in the face, but you’re still wrong because it wasnt a choice for me. Ask any gay person. Ask any gay child who has had thoughts of suicide to avoid having to tell their parents that they are gay.

    Marginalizing an entire group of people using something they have no control over is cruel. Where is Christ’s love in that?

    For the record, there will never be a federal constitutional amendment ‘protecting’ marriage. Grow up and allow the rest of us to live our lives with the same rights that you have.


    November 8, 2008 at 1:58 am

  4. Dave,

    Thanks for joining in on the conversation. You are right in saying that we as human beings are infallible and we are prone to make mistakes.

    Even though this is the case, this does not necessitate that people are wrong now who disagree with you.

    You said:

    “Say what you will, but I am not and will never be attracted to women. It doesn’t work…You people can say it’s not a choice until you’re blue in the face, but you’re still wrong because it wasnt a choice for me.”


    “The parallel between gay rights and desegregation is that they are based on human traits that can’t be changed.”

    With this Dave I would like to point you to evidence that shows homosexual behavior to not be inborn, involuntary, and/or immutable. We both know that there are many “former” homosexulas and that there are no “former” whites or blacks.

    Since there is a fundamental difference between homosexual behavior and humanity, then special legal protection should not be extended to protect a certain behavior (Read my post: Settling the Issue: Same-Sex Marriage IS NOT a Civil Right).

    Also what concerns me the most with your comment is the following statement:

    “Grow up and allow the rest of us to live our lives with the same rights that you have.”

    What is most troubling about this statement is that those with varying opinions should remain silent. If we were to follow your advice then the advancement of the homosexual agenda would suppress the freedom of religion and speech in the name of tolerance.

    It is with this desire of silence that you and others ultimately desire, and quite frankly, it is a scary thought to think just how far this may potentially go (read my other post: From Tolearnce to Intolerance: How the Normalization of Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriage Will Lead to the Suppression of Freedom).

    Jesse Wisnewski

    November 8, 2008 at 2:31 am

  5. It’s all true. Every bit of it. The suppression of freedom of speech has been going on for a long time now in America but you will never hear about it from the Mainstream Media. The MSM is elated with the idea of your freedom of speech being suppressed Mr. Christian. Too many people who call themselves Christians have failed to stand up and speak out when they find themselves muzzled by people who want sin to win the day. Christ didn’t run when it came time to speak out. He always spoke out.

    Christ said “I and the Father are One.” And what did the Father say about this behaviour? Hello, Christians! Speak out and call it what it is! Trying to accommodate darkness is no way to find light. Stop trembling in the face of that which you know is wrong.

    joe rorke

    November 8, 2008 at 6:35 pm

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