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Pastors Deliver Open Letter to Gov. Manchin

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This morning, a dozen pastors delivered an open letter to Gov. Manchin on behalf of a growing list of pastors and religious leaders from throughout West Virginia.  In the open letter, which can be downloaded at, the pastors express their support for a marriage amendment defending and defining marriage in West Virginia.

When the letter was delivered, 59 pastors had signed the letter.  Ever since, several pastors continue to send emails to pastors(at) to have their names added to the letter as well.  

What follows is the press release announcing the brave action of the pastors.


W.V. pastors unite in support of marriage

Church leaders ask Gov. Manchin to allow West Virginians to vote on marriage amendment

CHARLESTON, W.V. – A group of more than 30 West Virginia pastors and religious leaders gathered at the state Capitol Thursday to deliver an open letter to Gov. Joe Manchin, asking him to support legislation proposing an amendment to the West Virginia Constitution that would define marriage as the union of “one man and one woman.”

“The time to defend marriage in West Virginia is now,” wrote the pastors, who represent thousands of West Virginia churchgoers.  “Our common belief is that marriage is between one man and one woman, is the foundation for a society that can be home to all human beings, the reflection of our relationship with God, and a cornerstone of our society.”

The open letter, which was hand-delivered to Manchin by its authors following a press conference Thursday, notes the ongoing efforts by activist groups to legalize same-sex “marriage” and urges proactive measures to strengthen marriage in West Virginia.  Specifically, the letter asks Manchin to place the subject of legislation for a marriage amendment on the agenda of the November 2008 special session.

“Courts, legislatures, and even governors from around the country have placed marriages in West Virginia in jeopardy.  We believe that an amendment to the state constitution is necessary in order to prevent the redefinition of marriage by judicial pen, legislative whimsy, or executive inaction,” the letter states.  “Marriage protects children by giving them an opportunity to grow up in the ideal environment: with a married mom and dad.  Knowingly depriving children of that opportunity exposes our children to a great social experiment that is in no one’s best interest.”

A copy of the letter, along with a poll showing strong support for a marriage amendment in West Virginia, is available at  Pastors who would like to add their name to the open letter are encouraged to call (304) 982-2803 or to send an e-mail to

West Virginians can call the governor’s office at (304) 558-2000 to encourage Manchin to place the subject of a marriage amendment on the agenda of the November 2008 special session.


Written by Jeremy Dys

October 16, 2008 at 7:00 pm

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