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What are liberal politicians afraid of more than anything? Informed, intelligent values voters willing to stand on principles and vote their consciences. The last thing those living according to popular opinion want to face is an army of people standing on absolute truth, unwilling to back down or compromise that truth. Don’t’ believe me? Just ask McDonalds.

Five months ago McDonalds Vice President Richard Ellis accepted a seat on the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors. McDonalds “came out” in support of the homosexual agenda and said they would continue to support and push the agenda regardless of what anyone thought.   

Well that was all it took to ignite a fire under values voters. Behind the leadership of the American Family Association  a national boycott of the fast food giant was launched. Additional family-friendly entities such as the Family Research Council  and Focus on the Family  quickly voiced their support of the nationwide boycott. Dr. James Dobson, Chairman of Focus on the Family, in his June newsletter, said he would be patronizing other restaurants rather than McDonalds.

And what was the outcome of this national boycott on the big, bad, fast food super giant? According to a report by Citizenlink, a social news ministry of Focus on the Family, McDonalds VP Richard Ellis has “resigned from the board of directors of NGLCC, and the fast-food giant reportedly has no plans to renew its membership in the NGLCC when it expires in December.”

Evidently McDonalds did not believe that values voters could actually hurt their bottom line. But that is the point. The media, the liberals, the minorities do not believe that values voters will actually band together with resolve to make their voice heard. For so long it has been these minorities that have done all the screaming and foot stomping like a spoiled child demanding its way. And finally it seems values voters are tired and want to be heard as well…the sleeping giant is waking up once again.

Now more than ever, with so much at stake in the upcoming election, values voters must pull together, across economic, party, and denominational lines to unite in support of the traditional values that made this country great. If we scream with one united voice into the megaphone that is news, media, and internet our message of strong families based on marriage between one man and woman, life for all – including the unborn, economic accountability from the top down, religious freedom and tolerance for every person regardless of what religion he or she chooses, and unashamed support for our men and women in the military, it will reach hearing ears.

The worst thing we can do is to remain silent. Our silence is guilt by omission, or perhaps association, or maybe even cowardice. As believers we are commanded to speak the truth. As a matter of fact we are commanded to “speak the truth in love.” (Ephesians 4:15) We have seen what can happen when we do speak up in cases such as Ford Motor Company and McDonalds. Let’s continue to speak our message loud and clear for the whole world to hear. If not there will come a day when we all want to speak up and be heard but we’ll find ourselves behind a soundproof wall of legislation.


Guest Blog Commentary by Nathan A. Cherry  

















Written by Jeremy Dys

October 14, 2008 at 3:36 pm

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