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Fireproofing Your Marriage

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Here at the Family Policy Council of WV, we serve the people of WV by advocating for policies that not only embrace the sanctity of human life and safeguard religious freedom, but for policies that enrich marriages.  It is our desire to not only advocate for such policies, but to provide tangible support in other ways. 

For instance, did you know that through a generous donation we will be paying for the first 333 firemen to see the movie Fireproof.

From a review from Pluggedinonline we read that Fireproof was produced by

The church congregation in Georgia that faced down giants has turned its attention away from football and toward firemen in the save-your-marriage-or-die-trying film Fireproof.

My wife and I did see the film this past weekend and I have to say that it was an encouraging and challenging film for couples.  This film will challenge men and women, husbands and wives, to move beyond their self-interests in marriage to self-sacrificial love for the other.  Not only will couples be confronted with this challenge, but they will be encouraged in the greatness of God to work in and through any difficulty in marriage to create something marvelous and beautiful.   

How do I get a ticket for the movie?

If you are a fireman and would like to go personally or with your spouse to see Fireproof then go see the movie and send us a receipt at:

The Family Policy Council of WV
P.O. Box 566
Charleston, WV 25322

If you are not convinced that you should see this movie, then I encourage you to watch the movie tralier below.


Written by Jeremy Dys

October 2, 2008 at 3:32 pm

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