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Standing for Marriage and Religious Liberty

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Recently there has been much said here at Family Voice about the importance of marriage and why we must stand for it (click here for those articles).  As we stand together for marriage we are also standing together for religious liberty.  The redefinition of marriage will inevitably impact everyone and not just a select few.  For example, in an e-mail sent yesterday from the Family Research Council, we can readily see how the redefinition of marriage will impact religious liberty and different stratospheres of society.

In Boston, a Christian adoption agency was shut down for refusing to place orphans with homosexual couples.

In New Mexico, a Christian-owned studio was fined more than $6,000 for refusing to photograph a lesbian commitment ceremony.

In San Francisco, the city council officially condemned Christian opposition to homosexual adoption as hateful and discriminatory.

This is why our stance for marriage is a stance for religious freedom.  It’s redefinition will have far reaching consequences by impacting every area of society and undermining its well-being (see Marriage is Foundational for the Well-Being of Society).

In less than two months, residents of California, Florida, and Arizona will have an opportunity to constitutionally protect and further the institution of marriage as a foundational component of their states.

If you would like to learn how you can help stand for marriage during this pivotal time, we ask that you visit our post, Stand for Marriage   


Jesse Wisnewski serves as the Executive Administrator of Perrow Church in Cross Lanes, WV.  Jesse is married to his best friend Jessica, and they have two sons, Peyton, 10 and Jude, 1.  He is currently attending Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary – Charlotte and is completing coursework towards a Master of Divinity. 



Written by Jeremy Dys

September 24, 2008 at 3:07 pm

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