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Saddleback Civil Forum On the Presidency

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Say what you will about Rick Warren and Saddleback Church, but how many churches in America have stepped up and asked each candidate for President……well……anything?!  

Last weekend, Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama were given an identical slate of questions to answer.  While it is not our intent here to judge the “winner” of the debate, we do wish to highlight the candidate’s answers on several very important questions.  Below, you can watch the candidates respond to those questions on life, marriage, and religious freedom. 

Please note: all attempts were made to find identical clips of both candidates.  However, some where not cut up as neatly as others.  Thus, in at least one instance, Sen. Obama has several questions combined into one clip, while Sen. McCain has those same questions over a period of clips.  Nothing is intended with this, it is just the options available to us on YouTube.  

Sanctity of Life

“At what point is a baby entitled to human rights?”

Sen. John McCain

Sen. Barack Obama



“Define marriage.”

Sen. Barack Obama

Sen. John McCain


Religious Freedom

Questions on Evil, Judges, Faith Based Policies, and Education

Sen. John McCain

“Does Evil exist, if so, should we ignore it, contain it, or defeat it?”

“Which existing Supreme Court justice would you have NOT have nominated?”

“Would you insist that faith based organization forfeit [the right to hire people who share a common belief system] to access federal funds?”

“Do you think better teachers should be paid more than poor teachers?”

Sen. Barack Obama – Answering All the Questions

For full transcripts of the entire debate, go here.  For more video from the debate, visit


Written by Jeremy Dys

August 20, 2008 at 3:19 pm

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