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Marriage is Foundational for the Furtherance of Society

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We began this past Monday by taking a look at the institution of marriage (to read the post click here).  I compared the historically and universally accepted meaning of marriage to foundations that undergird houses and buildings.  The post was concluded with the following words,

These commonalities of marriage can be considered the foundational tenets of marriage.  If they are to be tampered with or redefined, then the institution of marriage itself will crumble and fall, as well as the society around it.     

Yesterday we considered the foundational importance of marriage to the well-being of society (to read this post click here).  We observed how the strength of marriages have such a tremendous impact upon the well-being of children, which then leads to either a positive or negative impact upon local communities, states, and our country. 

Today we will consider the foundational importance of marriage upon the furtherance of society.  I will briefly argue that we as citizens should strive for the protection and definition of marriage, not only because children – who are our future– need fathers and mothers, “but also because societies need babies” (Gallagher, pg. 16).  Commonsense tells us that societies which do not reproduce do not survive. 

Marriage is Foundational for the Furtherance of Society

As mentioned earlier, one of the components of marriage is life-generating potential.  Marriage is to be a life-long commitment between one man and one woman which legitimately includes sexual intercourse.  However, relationships that are comprised of homosexual couples do not produce new human life.  Thus, these relationships cannot serve as a foundation for the furtherance of any society, but rather would inevitably lead to societal extinction.  With this being the case,

Homosexual relationships…neither constitute marriage nor, through procreative capability, can become families.  The attempt to attain for a homosexual partnership the legal identification of marriage is thus a legal error based on an empirical mistake (The Center for Public Justice).

Marriage, being universally defined as a relationship between one man and woman with the potential of life-generating sexual intercourse, should be endorsed, encouraged, and protected, our children’s futures in this country, or any other, depend upon it. 

Concluding Thoughts on Marriage: Its Foundational Importance

I have been told before that concluding any form of writing with a quote is not an acceptable practice.  Well, since the words of Jeff Jacoby – in an editorial from the Boston Globe – best summarize my thoughts, I figured it would be best to end with his poignant observation:

My foreboding is that a generation after same-sex marriage is legalized; families will be even less stable than they are today, the divorce rate will be even higher and children will be even less safe.  To express such a dire warning is to be labeled an alarmist, a reactionary, a bigot and worse…But it is not bigotry to try to learn from history, or to point out that some institutions have stood the test of time because they are the only ones that can stand the test of time (see Marriage Under Fire, pg. 22).

Jeff, I couldn’t agree with you more!


Jesse Wisnewski serves as the Executive Administrator of Perrow Church in Cross Lanes, WV.  Jesse is married to his best friend Jessica, and they have two sons, Peyton, 10 and Jude, 9 months.  He is currently attending Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary – Charlotte and is completing coursework towards a Master of Divinity. 

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Written by Jeremy Dys

August 14, 2008 at 7:11 pm

5 Responses

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  1. Marriage is destructive to society. It is legal slavery. One day we will wonder why we ever endorsed such ownership of another human being.


    August 14, 2008 at 7:46 pm

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I hate to hear that you believe such a gift as marriage is such a detriment to society. What has led you to this conclusion? Also, could you please further clarify what you mean by “slavery?”

    Jesse Wisnewski


    August 15, 2008 at 9:03 pm

  3. The institution of marriage, which is being and has been redefined, will neither lead to the destruction of the institution of marriage nor to the downfall of society. In order to offer society protection from a potential downfall is to acknowledge the real importance of marriage whether it is among man and woman, woman and woman or man and man. The importance of marriage is the fact that it offers stability, commitment and support, all which provide a family with a strong foundation in fundamental values, encouraging children to contribute to society in many ways. Society will benefit if all types of families; single parents, grandparents raising grandchildren and those who adopt children, are supported by their communities and share in the responsibilities of raising our future generations. It goes back to the saying “it takes a village to raise a child”. A nuclear family is not the only type of family that can provide and offer a child the care, love and fundamental values he/she will need to become an influential member of the community.
    I have respect for your opinions and views on the importance of the life-generating potential that marriage may provide, though I do not believe this sole “potential” defines or constitutes a requirement for a marriage to be validated, supported or acknowledged by any community. There are many ways to protect and encourage all types of marriages and thus evading a potential “downfall of society”:
    -encourage and protect those who wish to be married
    -encourage and support all types of families
    -lead the community to be open and realize how much each community has to offer in the protection and support of all marriages, families and children in order to help them grow and succeed in life.
    Commensense tells us that societies wishing to survive would make every effort to support all types of marriages and families to raise children in a positive and caring environment regardless of how they came to be a family.


    August 16, 2008 at 1:25 am

  4. Christina,

    Thanks for respectfully disagreeing. It is obvious that we have differing understandings of how we define marriage and family. I would encourage you to read my first post (Marriage: Its Foundational Importance)and interact with me there on these issues.

    I agree with you in that a marriage’s potential ability to produce life does not constitute a sole means of defining marriage. However, marriages between one man and one woman that produce children are imperative to any societies furtherance.

    When you said that institution of marriage will not lead to the downfall of society, I refer you to the afore mentioned post. Empirical evidence from multiple fields shows that the strength of marriages (between one man and one woman) will determine the wellbeing of their children. Moreover, research indicates that children raised outside of their nuclear family do not do as well as those that are.

    For me, it is vital for us to protect and encourage marriage between one man and one woman and their families and discourage other “definitions” of marriages.

    Jesse Wisnewski


    August 16, 2008 at 8:08 pm

  5. […] What do we gleam from this?  That the well-being of marriages determines the well-being of society (see Marriage: Its Foundational Importance, Marriage is Foundational for the Well-Being of Society, and Marriage is Foundational for the Furtherance of Society). […]

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