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What’s Going on With Marriage?

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As we continue to work to enhance marriage in West Virginia we keep a watchful eye on the goings-on throughout the rest of the country.  Here are the most recent updates:

1.  The Family Research Council, one of our ministry allies, has commissioned a survey of 800 likely voters on the question, ” Would you be more likely or less likely to vote for a presidential candidate who supports [the state marriage amendments in CA, AZ, and FL]?”

By a margin of 58% to 29%, likely independent voters said they were “more likely” to vote for a presidential candidate who would defend marriage by supporting these state marriage amendments.  Yes, that’s a 19 percentage point advantage!!  But what is also striking is that across ever demographic – political party and age – these 800 likely voters said they would support a presidential candidate committed to supporting state marriage amendments.  

Only when the question was posed to “soft democrats” and “strong democrats,” did the level of support drop – slightly.  Among “soft democrats,” 56% of these likely voters would support a presidential candidate who defends marriage.  “Strong democrats” lean against such support by only 4% (43%-47%).

The point is this: though our media and cultural dialogs seem to present an overwhelming support for redefining marriage, when pressed, likely voters are “more likely” to vote for presidential candidates (and other political leaders, one infers) who are willing to defend marriage marriage in their state.  And not just by a little bit.  The support for marriage is overwhelming in our nation.

To read this study in its entirety, visit our website,, and click on “Survey on Marriage.”

If you are inclined, we encourage you to visit and contribute to the effort to defend marriage in California.  Remember, what happens in California does not necessarily stay in California!  You might also consider partnering financially with Florida ( and Arizona’s ( efforts as well.

2.  The California Supreme Court managed to get it right, for once.  When groups in California who are pressing to redefine marriage filed suit trying to wrest yet more control of a Californian’s self-governance from them, groups like ministry ally the Alliance Defense Fund defended marriage.  Rather than entirely disregard the will of the electorate (like it did in May), the California Supreme Court rejected several frivolous attempts to prevent the issue from being presented to Californians on the November ballot.

More coverage is available on the Alliance Defense Fund’s website and by reading this story.

3.  Not one to quickly allow the spotlight to entirely pass from its stage, the Massachusetts legislature – who was the first in the nation to radically redefine marriage – is working to remove the residency requirement for obtaining a marriage license in the Bay State.  For more than 95 years, Massachusetts has issued marriage licenses only to bona fide Massachusetts residents.  Should this measure pass, citizens from around the country could choose to go to Massachusetts or California to “marry” their same-sex partner.  While this would certainly curtail the consumption of expensive gas products today, it would provide opportunity for yet more legal chaos for those states (including West Virginia) whose affirm marriage as between one man and one woman, but do not have an amendment so stating in their constitution.

Citizenlink, a publication of ministry ally Focus on the Family Action, covers the story here.


Written by Jeremy Dys

July 17, 2008 at 4:29 pm

Posted in Marriage

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