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Gender Matters

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The recent decision of the California Supreme Court to redefine marriage has sparked discussions about marriage far and wide throughout this country. Largely, that is a very beneficial thing to have done, despite the clearly un-democratic decision by those on the judicial dais in CA. (The democratic process continues.)

The discussion is beneficial if for no other reason than the fact that marriage is the best tool that society has for solving many of the social problems facing us today.

New York is now facing a discussion about marriage too. (Thankfully being challenged in court). It’s governor quickly ordered his executive staff to recognize homosexual marriages. In the process, he invented a new definition of marriage, one in stark contradiction to New York law.

Last week, Colorado’s governor signed in to law a nondiscrimination ordinance (N.O.) that makes it legal (replete with civil and criminal penalties for noncompliance) for the gender-confused to use private facilities usually reserved for the opposite gender, including restrooms, lockerrooms, and other places of “public accommodation.”

New York and Colorado, following California’s action, may not seem connected, but they clearly are in at least one respect: the battle to redefine marriage is essentially one that has as its ultimate outcome the belittling of gender.

In other words, in California, the Supreme Court has effectively said that at least one of the genders does not matter in a marriage. In New York, the decision to open marriage to everything and anything is one that says at least one gender in a marriage is disposable. Colorado, in choosing to adopt a N.O. has said, in matters that ought to be given respectful privacy, gender is not to enter the discussion.

The question that must then be asked of the opponents of marriage must be, “Which one?”

Which gender is not important? Is the female gender in a marriage more important than the male? In matters of public accommodation, is the male gender to be given more privacy and protection over the female? To the children that will be affected by the decisions of judges and governors, will the opponents of marriage kindly identify whether a mother or father is more important?

Ultimately, the redefinition of marriage strikes at every single person, if for no other reason than they must answer that simple question, “Does gender matter?” Those who support marriage do so because they answer that question with a resounding, “YES!” Men have something to contribute that, biologically and otherwise, women do not. Women are blessed with that certain something that cannot be described that men are not given. Those gender differences are vital in the development of our marriages, our children, families, and societies – and have been throughout time.

The next time someone tries to convince you that marriage should be redefined, with love and grace, ask them, “Which gender does not matter?”


Written by Jeremy Dys

June 3, 2008 at 6:17 pm

Posted in Marriage

3 Responses

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  3. Marriage is about family, an inclusive unit designed for the raising of families, as well as the procreation of the species. Since Same Sex partners are incapable, without medical intervention, of having children, they there for should not be afforded the rights to be called marriage.


    June 4, 2008 at 11:54 pm

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