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Pro-Choice No Longer

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I have read a fair number of arguments for abortion, but rarely do I see such a vitriolic stump against life as I did with Bettijaine Burger’s article (Gazette/Mail, 5/18/08, “Situations Justify Abortions”) last week.

Those of us who advocate for life do so because we believe that no one should be allowed to decide that an innocent life is worthless. It was my thought that those calling themselves “pro-choice” were at least impliedly committed to life every once in a while. But, if Ms. Burger is any indication, it seems that they are increasingly becoming outright proponents of death.

Ms. Burger spends the majority of her article lamenting the stagnating lines of children waiting to be adopted, the false lack of concern pro-lifers have toward starvation and child abuse, while punting the documented racial motivations of groups like Planned Parenthood altogether.

But such emotionally charged arguments do not concern me nearly as much as her proposed solution – indeed, the solution for which she leads the cheers! According to Ms. Burger, how do we prevent starvation, abuse, and the dreaded inexperienced mom?

In a word: kill.

Rather than risk a teen-mother defy all odds and prove all detractors of her maturity wrong, Ms. Burger advocates killing the child within her.

Rather than risk potential starvation and the increased strain on welfare, Ms. Burger suggests we remove life from the lips of those who have been fed only via an umbilical cord.

Rather than risk post-partum depression, our teen girls should be, she says, encouraged to delete any life within them with impunity.

It strains credulity! What Ms. Burger has done has been to remove the politically palatable moniker of “pro-choice” from those who are actually proponents of death.

Madam, taking one life because you think it might improve another life is never justified.


Written by Jeremy Dys

May 22, 2008 at 4:35 pm

Posted in Life

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