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Planned Parenthood and Title X

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This blog has repeatedly told of the pattern of racism and profiteering that Planned Parenthood regularly engages in at the expense of our hard-earned tax dollars.

One of our ministry partners at The Family Policy Council of West Virginia is the Family Research Council (FRC). Our friends at FRC are organizing a petition to encourage President Bush to limit (or eliminate) the amount of our tax dollars that go to funding Planned Parenthood and other abortion-on-demand providers. The petition describes the regulatory construct as follows:

Regulatory changes promulgated under President Reagan clarified the law that Title X recipients may not refer for abortion or combine family planning services with abortion services. These regulations were defended by President George H.W. Bush and upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in Rust v. Sullivan (500 U.S. 173) in 1991. Unfortunately, by the time they were being enforced, President Clinton took office and rescinded these pro-life regulations. He then implemented statutorily unsupported regulations that require recipients of Title X funding to refer for abortion. Moreover, these regulations allow the collocation of abortion clinics with their affiliated Title X family planning clinics – in some cases utilizing the same waiting rooms, staff and facilities. More than a minimal economic separation between abortion providers and family planning clinics is warranted.

You can find the rest of the petition here and we encourage you to sign it. (Note: The petition must be signed no later than May 7.)

No one should be permitted to determine whether one life is more valuable than another.  And, no one should be compelled – under color of law – to pay for that decision.


Written by Jeremy Dys

April 30, 2008 at 2:21 pm

Posted in Life

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