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What is the Value?

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Two news stories have caught my eye this morning.

The first comes out of Oregon where a “man” claims to be five months pregnant.   The story reveals that this person has been attempting to remove the anatomical portions that made him a her.  But, interestingly, this change left the reproductive organs intact.  When she (he?) stopped taking the testosterone treatments, he (she?) was able to get pregnant.

The story, which is reporting on another story from The Advocate, said that this person claims to have been pregnant once before, carrying triplets.  However, that pregnancy ended soon after it became life-threatening.  Now, this person and his (her?) wife (who really is female) are expecting a new child in July.  The unfortunate irony is that the wife has been unable to have children.

Most interesting is the closing quotation from our hero (heroine?):  writing in the advocate, this gender-confused parent-to-be said that the new life, “sparks legal, political and social unknowns.”

More on that in a minute.

The other story that caught my eye also happens to be out of Oregon (and we thought California had the monopoly for odd stories for the west coast).  In this story, someone perusing craigslist (an online bartering/selling site) noticed that someone was out of “tweak” (that’s methamphetamine) and was offering to sell their baby for $1,000.  No one knows, but sadly hopes, that this is a sick joke.

The two stories independent of the other are equally disappointing.  In one, there are two individuals struggling with their sexual identity, with at least one of the two having had to deal with the pain of not being able to conceive.  The focus, it seems, is not on the creation of a precious life, but what “legal, political and social” impact the birth will force upon society.  In this instance, life has been devalued to a political stunt, a legal brief, or a social experiment.

In the other, we have parents willing to sell their child for a high.  Assuming this is a joke, the story reveals a society that so undervalues life that its humor is found by analogizing life to dollar bills.  But, suppose this is serious.  In that scenario, we have parents who have become so addicted to a chemical substance that they are no longer capable of making independent decisions, but truly see everything in their world in terms of dollars for “tweak.”

While these stories make the obvious point that no one should be permitted to determine whether one life is more valuable than the next, I urge you to think of the story behind the story.  In one we have a barren woman and a sexually confused individual.  Each carry their own series of hurts.  One even lost three children.  In the other, we have parents willing to put a dollar sign on the worth of their child for the sake of their addiction.

The reason we oppose abortion, the reason we promote life, the reason we seek to build strong families is precisely because we believe life to be invaluable.  That is not to say we see no value in it; invaluable means “indispensable” or “priceless.”  Without life, we simply do not have families.  Our concern is not only for the children innocently affected by these events, but also for the lives of the parents.  One has redefined marriage, the other has ignored its import.  Without strong marriages, our families are broken.

You see, the value of life is that it allows our families to live and gives the opportunity for it to be lived in the context of a family.  As we concern ourselves with speaking the Truth of the invaluableness of life, let us also extend grace to all those lives that are affected.

That is a truly valuable experience.


Written by Jeremy Dys

March 26, 2008 at 1:45 pm

Posted in Life

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